Gurgaon, 6 May 2020: With the onset of Covid19 cases in Delhi's Azadpur Mandi, the effect is now seen in the Gurgaon's vegetable market as the main Khandsa Mandi in Gurgaon reported 11 Positive Covid19 cases. It resulted in closure of vegetables in Gurgaon as mostly small vegetable vendors in Gurgaon purchases vegetable from Khandsa Mandi.

The effect being scarcity of vegetables in Gurgaon and all vendors are only selling left out vegetables which also are in bad condition.

khandsa sabji mandi closed due to coronavirus

With non-availability of vegetables, people in Gurgaon reply on pulses and previous stock of vegetables for themselves.

It is reported that the Mandi can remain closed for another 2 weeks.

Restrictions for the next two weeks with immediate effect

After extending the lockdown period by two weeks, some activities have been banned in the district for two weeks by the District Magistrate and Deputy Commissioner of Gurugram, Amit Khatri, according to the instructions of the Union Home Ministry and the state government, but for individuals and vehicles for the permitted activities.  Vehicles are allowed.  In the case of a four wheeler, a maximum of two passengers other than the driver will be allowed to travel in the vehicle and in the case of a two-wheeler, a second ride is not allowed.
 In the orders issued by the Collector, except for permission from the Ministry of Home Affairs, there will be a ban on the operation of interstate buses of public transport.  Similarly, Metro rail service has been banned and inter-state movement of persons will be stopped except for medical reasons with the permission of the Ministry of Home Affairs.  All schools, colleges, educational institutions, training or coaching institutes etc. will also be closed, but online and distance learning has been allowed.
 Hospitality services will also be closed except for government workers, health workers, police, other stranded tourist accommodation and quarantine facilities.  Similarly, all cinema halls, shopping halls, gyms, sports complexes, swimming pools, amusement parks, theaters, bars, auditoriums, assembly halls and all such venues located in the district will be closed.  Not only this, all religious places, places of worship will also be closed for public.  Religious events will also be banned.  The orders have also asked to keep single or multi brand goods or market complexes closed.  All restaurant services, cafes, dining places, dhabas, etc. will also be suspended from inside-the-door dining services, but allow packed food, dry fruit, home delivery services and room service at hotels, home stays and short-term accommodation.  Will be.  The orders would prohibit all domestic and international air travel except for medical services of passengers, air ambulances, security objectives and purposes permitted by the Ministry of Home Affairs.  Similarly, except for the objectives and security objectives approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs, there will be a ban on the movement of passengers in rail.
 Those who disobey these orders will be punished under the provisions given in the Disaster Management Act-2005 and Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code.

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