A middle age man tested positive in Ghamroj, a village on sohna road in district gurugram. With the first positive case in the village now the situation is threatening for the people. Started from a country thousands of kilometer away from Delhi, has now spreading in the villages on India.

Coronavirus reached the village Ghamroj

The corona infected man was living in gurugram and came back to the village 4 days ago. He came to the village when the government issued a new guideline and gave the limited amount of relaxation to people.

After the man tested positive government administration took the measures and did their job, but as we all know this disease can easily infected to multiple and considering this a villagers come to know that he visited the barber shop and get the haircut a day ago and this small mistake endangered the whole village.


 Before that in early April, The panchayat members and villagers were on alert mode from the beginning of lockdown. They sealed the village borders so that nobody can enter, that method even worked and due to support and co-ordination they all were able to save villagers from deadly coronavirus. Village Ghamroj is in the middle of 4 corona active districts Nuh, Faridabad, Palwal and Gurugram, that’s why the chances of becoming corona hotspot were high. Village panchayat and villagers did their best but a small error put all of them in the infected zone.  

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