As we all know about Covid-19 or Novel Corona Virus is spreading at the peak, it started from China and spread various countries like Italy, Spain, Germany, South Korea, USA, and etc. Two weeks ago this virus crossed The Great Himalayas and reached India.Till 21st March 2020 the number of cases in India are 329. There are various questions in our mind related to this Novel Corona Virus. Lets Discuss them one by one.

coronavirus effect on share market

Q. Will Indian Share market improve/rise after 14 April?

A. The chances are less that Indian Share market will show a huge rise after 14th April because the condition in India is still not in control and due to which government may increase the lockdown period and if lockdown increases then there are hardly any chance that market will rise. Its really difficult these days to predict the market.

Q. Can Mask help us to fight Corona Virus?

A. Covid-19 is a virus which spread from human to human, Now about the mask, Masks might be helpful because it stops us from touching our face with hands but we need to keep the point in our mind that masks should be avail to diseased person because the number of masks are limited and infected people count is increasing so its better not to use mask if you are fit, but you can use any cloth instead to protect yourself.

Q. Who are Coronavirus Silent Carriers/Spreaders?

A. This term is use for the people who have strong immunity due to which their body is not showing Positive symptoms of this virus, but still they are carrying the virus and that virus might not harm that person but it can harm other people because these people can spread the virus.

Q. Do we have to use Sanitizers at home?

A. No, You don’t need to use sanitizer at home because Sanitizers contain lots of heavy chemicals which can harm the skin if we use it lots of time. Instead of Sanitizes one can use Soaps to clean their hand as it is more skin friendly.

Q. Is there any way to fight Corona Virus Disease?

A. Yes, You can fight this disease by boosting your immunity. You can eat homemade healthy food, more of green vegetables, Meditation in the morning, and Drink lots of water. Our body has strength to fight against diseases like Covid-19 the only condition is you need to fill the body with healthy and nutritious food.

Q. How can we save our family from Coronavirus?

A. There is only one method to save our family from Corona Virus which is completely unsocialize each and every member of the family for the next 4-5 days because we don’t know who is carrying that virus with them.

Q. Can India’s situation turn worst like Italy or China?

A. Till now India’s condition is not like other countries but it will take no time to reach their level or even worst than Italy or China if we take this situation for granted. We all need to follow the instruction given by World Health Organization or Government of India.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

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