St. Stephen's College Football Ground
Delhi Soccer Association organises an Inter College tournament among the top 16 teams of University of Delhi. The tournament is league cum knockout basis in which 16 teams are divided into 4 different groups. Two teams from all 4 groups will qualify for the knockout round.
In Group B there are 4 teams
1. St. Stephen's Colle ge (H)
2. Hindu College
3. Bhim Rao Ambedkar College
4. Swami Shraddhanand College

The incharge of Group B is St. Stephen's College and Mr. Shivam match commissioner from Football Delhi. Football Delhi send an official fixture of the tournament. According to that official fixture day 1 matches to be played on 24th February between BR Ambedkar vs Hindu and St. Stephen's vs Shraddhanand. Day 2 matches to be played on 26th Feburary 2020. 
Official fixture by Football Delhi and match between St. Stephen's College and BR Ambedkar College is mentioned on 26th February 

Due to ground issue Football Delhi decided to change the match dates. They changed the dates on 22nd February and informed the host Incharge St. Stephen's College. According to official fixture the Day 2 match is to be played between BR Ambedkar College and St. Stephen's College at 10:00 am but the fixture was prepone to 25th February 2020 and according to match commissioner Mr. Shivam from Football Delhi it's the responsibility of St. Stephen's College to inform all 3 teams about the prepone of fixture. And here St. Stephen College played the game they informed Hindu College and Swami Shraddhanand College about the change of fixture but they didn't inform BR Ambedkar College because they know if BR Ambedkar College fail to present at time then St. Stephen's College will get straight 3 points and they did the same. They informed the H.O.D of Bhim Rao Ambedkar College on 25th February at 9:30 am half hour before the kickoff. Players and H.O.D reached at the ground by 12 noon but till then the official had given walkover to St. Stephen's College.

Match sheet of 25th February between BR Ambedkar College and St. Stephen's College

After that we complaint about the incident to Match Commissioner Mr. Shivam and he assured BR Ambedkar College that they will have an internal meeting about this incident. There was no meeting conducted by him regarding the issue on 25th February then Mr. Shivam told that meeting has been postponed to 26th February. When BR Ambedkar College contacted him on 26th February he told them straight forwadly that we will not gonna conduct the match and the meeting was between Football Delhi and St. Stephen's College and he told straight forward that if you want to complaint against St. Stephen's College or against Match Commissioner (he himself) you can complain.
This is the harsh trust of these so called famous colleges, Bhim Rao Ambedkar College still qualified for the quarterfinals after beating Hindu College and Swami Shraddhanand College but the point is that if these so called famous College of University of Delhi is misusing their powers and manipulating the results just to save their reputation then it puts a question mark on justice, is it too expensive that not everyone can afford it. The whole story is infront of you. We hope that we will not see these cheap activities in future specially in the field of sports.


  1. That's why India doesn't perform at higher level like Asian game's and Olympic. This trend must be change if we want India became a successful sporting country.


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