Government Debt
It all starts at the time of election, when a politician makes a commitment without any logic that I will do this work, I will get it free, etc. After all his commitments people make him the member of government. After all his commitments, people make him a winner and lead his party to rule. But there is nothing free in this world, so the government needs money to complete all the work. And to get these funds, they take it from a treasury, they also issue a bond which states that I have been taking so much money from him for so long and will pay interest on it. This is what a country's debts are.

Now the question is who pays this loan?

The answer is that we all owe this loan in a form of a tax to government, when the government is making bonds, then it means that government are spoiling our futures, to improve our today.
After that, the Treasury auction the bond in the market where the world's largest banks come and buy those bonds. Bankers know that this is a very profitable deal, so they purchase the bonds, after which the bank goes to the Federal Reserve who takes bond from the banks and give them a cheque with commission. The Federal Reserve does not have any money, they simply make an entry in their system while giving a cheque to the bank and on the basis of that cheque banks print money and give it to the Treasury to again buy a bond and again repeat this whole process. Some special people in this whole process are becoming very rich as they get commission.

Banks are getting the most benefit in all this process, they are becoming richer and normal people and country is becoming poor. When this money comes to the government, the government imposes it in infrastructure development from where the money goes directly to Government Employees, Contractors and Soldiers Who put their money back into the bank in their saving accounts. Today almost all the banks work according to the fractional reserve banking, if I apply 10 per cent to the reserve ratio then if you deposit ₹ 1000 in your bank account, the bank reserves only ₹ 100 of them and the rest it gives to someone on the loan without informing you. The bank holds only 100 Rupees, that too if you need to be in the Emergency but shows the whole amount in your passbook. Now you are thinking that when the bank delivers ₹ 900 in the market then why the whole ₹ 1000 shows in your account? This is because the Bank creates IOU or you can say a bond of ₹900 and kept by itself, it is actually an entry in the computer, but it becomes a kind of currency, because of which the world now has ₹ 1900 instead of my ₹ 1000 because ₹1000 are yours and ₹900 is the loan amount to other person which is given by bank.

And the bank takes advantage of ₹ 900 and the interest from above will be different.

Not only this much happens but now the person who has taken a loan either buys the house, or gives a car or any fee, after which the third person puts it again in the bank, which then keeps 10 per cent of the bank. Then it removes the remaining ones in the market then it keeps going.

At last, the result is that ₹1000 deposit leads to ₹10000 credit in the market. Only because of the bank, the maximum currency in the country is coming into existence, 95% of these currency is made due to the system which a bank can create just by typing.

Now you should be wondering what makes this difference to you. Whenever you want to withdraw money from the bank, you can

So let me tell you that due to this the country's currency supply increases due to which the value of the money you earn gets reduced and things become expensive because the continuous rise of currency is the main region of inflation and if you think that Your bank keeps your money in hand, So it is not at all if you have 20 per cent or 30 per cent people withdrawing money together, the bank does not even have the money to pay their money and that's our complete monetary system which is nothing but just a huge scam where money Simply made by typing on the check or most of the time, they are made by typing on the computer. System is nothing, it just Supply of numbers.

If you feel that this is the worst thing that is happening with us then get ready and become stupid because we work for some of these numbers i.e. currency, night and day, doing a lot of blood sweat, We are the one who make the value of those numbers and then collect it so that the government can take a large part of it to pay the national debt and that too with interest because most of our money is not used for development but it is used to eliminate lending.

Think of how much money you give in your entire life time as tax to government, of which most of the money goes to those who owns this system i.e. bank owners in the form of interest and commission on national debt. Today's system is not just unconstitutional but they are stealing our Prosperity and Liberty, reducing our power of purchasing because of inflation, which is nothing but the result of this system.

This system is beneficial for those who are creating a currency or who uses new generated currency first because economy is affected after some time.
Now the last fact is that the RBI is not really federal, it is not under government control, it is a private corporation in which there are  stock holders who get 6% dividend and these stock holders are those who gets Profit in each step of this whole process. So you have now come to understand why the rich people are becoming richer and why the poor are poor becoming poorer.

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